Parque Osvaldo


Parque Osvaldo Roberto is a football stadium owned by Racing Club de Montevideo, situated in the Sayago neighborhood of Montevideo. The grounds cover a total area of 20,000 square meters and currently boast a capacity for 4,500 spectators.


As the decade of the 1930s drew to a close, the Reducto team emerged as a prominent contender in the Uruguayan Championship. Consequently, both its social base and its followers experienced significant growth.

The field where Racing played its home matches in Reducto, in front of the Brewery, was showing clear limitations. This situation prompted President José Silvio Piso and his board of directors to set a clear objective: the acquisition of land for the construction of their own stadium.

Following a Social Assembly, the initiative to launch a fundraising campaign known as the "Square Meter Campaign" emerged. In this campaign, numerous members symbolically acquired one or more square meters of the land. This collective effort enabled the associates to collectively finance the purchase of the new site.


In 1941, the phased acquisition of a 20,000 square meter plot near the old Quinta de Pereyra, on Millán Street near Avenida Sayago, was successfully completed. The land had two fronts, one facing Millán and the other toward Tacuabé Street. To achieve this goal, a Pro Field Commission was formed, led by Dr. Juan C. Espiga. He extended an invitation to all institutions in the area to join the idea, sharing in the laying of the foundation stone with the presence of local board leaders and representatives from neighboring clubs to the north.

On October 5, 1941, Racing played its inaugural official match at its new stadium. The opening ceremony was attended by 4000 spectators and marked the conclusion of the first round of the Uruguayan Championship against the Bella Vista team. This historic event signaled the beginning of a new chapter for Racing at Parque Osvaldo Roberto.

On that day, the local lineup consisted of: Paulo Altez, Blas Bas, Carlos Vigliola, Castilla, Caserza, Suárez, Aníbal Tenorio, Guido Baztarrica, Sebastián Guzmán, Antonio Álvarez, and Julián Gutiérrez. The match concluded with a 1-1 draw, and Antonio "Cui" Álvarez became the scorer of the first goal in the new field, netting it at the 20th minute of the first half. This historic moment marked the beginning of many more memorable matches at Parque Osvaldo Roberto for Racing Club de Montevideo.

On July 25, 1948, under the presidency of Julio César Olivera, the stadium was officially named Osvaldo Roberto in honor of one of the founding brothers of the club. This dedication was a heartfelt tribute to Osvaldo Roberto, recognizing his significant contributions to the establishment and growth of Racing Club de Montevideo.

Currently, Racing stands as one of the few teams in Uruguayan football with its own stadium and grounds. The club is actively engaged in a process of renovating its facilities at Parque Roberto, which presently accommodates up to 4,500 spectators. The venue boasts newly constructed dressing rooms (for both home and away teams, as well as referees), concentration facilities, and a gym equipped with modern amenities. Racing Club also enjoys the privilege of having one of the best playing surfaces in the local football scene.



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